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003. How To Vegan Protein With Anastasia Zinchenko, PhD


How do you get your protein bro?

Today we answer this question with our guest Anastasia Zinchenko, PhD. You will learn why it's important to make sure you choose plant foods that cover all the Essential Amino Acids in the right amount. Some simple rules of thumb will be shared so you can immediately make sure that you are leaned towards optimising your amino acid profile and protein intake as a vegan trainee wanting to optimise your muscle building process.

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003_How to Vegan Protein with Anastasia Zinchenko
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Today's guest

Anastasia Zinchenko posing in gym clothes

As written on her website:

Who I am

I am international level powerlifter, bodybuilder and an interdisciplinary scientist with a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Cambridge, working in the field of sports nutrition, exercise science, mental health and food science.

What did I do in the past years:

  • I coached over 250 people to optimize their health, performance, and mental well-being

  • I wrote over 150 articles as expert for plant-based protein, nutrition, and exercise science for digital and printed media, such as Men’s Fitness Magazine

  • I developed novel recipes and food products turning popular desserts and pastries into delicious and nutritious high-quality plant-protein sources that allowed hundreds of people around the world losing weight and maintaining a healthy diet while reducing the use of animal products

  • I ran research studies with strength athletes to optimize protein intake for recovery from resistance training and to maximize satiety on a weight loss diet

I am vegan because I try to do the least harm possible; to myself, other people, the animals and the environment.

I believe that everyone can contribute to making this world a better place and the best place to start is with oneself:

"You must be the change you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Ghandi

You will learn


Intro to Anastasia Zinchenko


How Anastasia got into lifting as a vegan


Figuring out optimal vegan protein requirements


The importance of essential amino acids


How to optimise protein intake as a vegan for muscle building


Protein requirement for raw vegans


Protein requirement for obese/overweight vegans


Protein requirements when Cutting vs Bulking


Importance of 50 % protein being from legumes, 25% from grains, and 25 % from seeds


Protein requirement for elderly trainees


How much protein per meal to trigger muscle building?


Optimal meal frequency for muscle building


Protein requirement for beginners vs advanced trainees


Lysine supplementation to decrease protein requirement


Balanced vs All-or-Nothing approach


Optimal essential amino acid distribution per meal vs per day


Episode Recap

Links & resources

Anastasia´s digital products: (Promo Code: LXEK06YIKH)

Anastasia´s home page:

Anastasia´s nutrition and training plans:

Anatasia´s instagram: @sciencestrength

Thanks for listening! What's coming next?

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