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005. World's First Vegan Summit Of Everest With Kuntal Joisher


160 km/h winds, temperatures well below freezing point, oxygen levels not supportive of human life and looming avalanches.. these all sound like good reasons to stay away from such a place.

Yet our today’s Guest is someone who keeps going back for more, even though he gets caught in an avalanche, completely certain he is about to die..

His passion and obsession for the mountains, and his commitment to the vegan movement has led him off the comforts of his 9-5 job as a software engineer to summiting the highest place on Earth, Mount Everest.


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Episode 005_ World's First Vegan Summit of Everest with Kuntal Joisher
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Today's guest

Kuntal Joisher is a vegan software engineer, and nutrition & fitness coach, based in Mumbai, India.

Kuntal Joisher with a vegan banner on Everest

He is a passionate mountaineer, who even though he had a near death experience in an avalanche prior to summiting Everest, he stands behind the world's first vegan summit of Everest. He sumitted Everest first time in 2016, but came back in 2019, wearing fully vegan gear on top of the world!

You will learn

3:40 Intro to Kuntal & his vegan story

7:51 How it all began

25:54 Training for Everest Summit

39:03 Near Death with Avalanche

43:01 Kuntal´s First Summit of Everest, 2016

49:15 World´s First Vegan Summit of Everest, 2019

1:02:56 Kuntal´s Best Advice on Achieving Big Goals

1:06:40 What's next for Kuntal?

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