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010. Avoid My Mistakes - Get Fit MUCH Faster (END OF SEASON 1)


Today we will be exploring the top mistakes I made in my 10+ years fitness journey, so you can increase your awareness and avoid them. If I didn't do these mistakes, I would have been able to have the results I have today in half the time. We will also cover good things I did along the way, and that you should be doing as well. Lastly, I will share top resources I wish I had available or was aware of, earlier in my fitness journey. Change Your Mindset - Change Your Life

You will learn


Not setting SMART Goals


Not being consistent


Not submerging myself enough in an environment of wisdom




Not focusing on the long term goal


Too long workouts


Not listening to my body signals


What I did well - and you should as well


Valuable resources to boost your fitness journey

Links & resources

Thanks for listening! What's coming next?

Stay Tuned For Season 2

Who is Dan Rémi

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I’m an online plant-based fitness coach who quit his full time medical doctor gig to prevent people from becoming patients in the first place.

I’m the guy they come to when they want to end their frustrations, and gain clarity over how to achieve their health & fitness goals  - and keep it for life. No diet fads & "quick fixes" in this household.

I help them create a tailored flexible routine towards their goals that they can sustain even when life gets in the way, so they can sustainably lose the fat, build muscle & feel amazing on plants.

As a medical doctor, CrossFit athlete (transformed from very skinny), and after having coached hundreds 1-on-1 towards health & fitness independence since 2014, I have created a unique adaptable coaching system that gets people results every time. 


If you want to work with me, apply here.

When you are ready, here´s how I can help

Thriving Plant-Eater Fitness Coaching Service

Thriving Plant-Eater

Optimise health, look better naked & keep it for life 

with an adaptive personalised routine.

Everything you need to independently lead a fit

plant-based lifestyle, and stay unstuck from plateaus.


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