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Lima Beans In Curry

Servings: 4

Calories & Macros: 1397 kcal; Protein. 63 g (17 %), Carbs 246 g (69 %), Fat 22 g (14 %)

Soak Time: 24 hours

Prep Time: 5 min

Cook Time: 25 min

Lima beans in curry


  1. 250 g Dry Lima Beans

  2. 80 g Onion

  3. 7 g Garlic

  4. 10 g Ginger

  5. 20 g Curry Powder

  6. 500 g Potatoes

  7. 200 g Aubergine

  8. 5175 g Water

  9. 14 g Olive Oil

  10. 1 g Pepper

  11. 27 g Salt

  12. 2 g Dried Curry Leaves


  1. The dry lima beans are soaked in 1 L of water at room temperature for 24 hours.

  2. Next day, the water is sieved away.

  3. 12 g of salt is added to 3 L of water to be boiled.

  4. While the water is being heated, the onion, garlic, ginger, potatoes and aubergine are cut into pieces as shown.

  5. The Lima beans are put in the now boiling water and are cooked until they are soft.

  6. 14 g of olive oil is added to a pot.

  7. The cut onion, garlic & ginger are added when the oil is heated.

  8. When the previously added ingredients gain colour, add the aubergine, the potatoes, 1175 mL of water, curry powder and curry leaves, and make the mixture "boil". The mixture is fully cooked when the potatoes are soft.

  9. When the potatoes are soft, add the cooked limabeans along with the water in which they were boiled.

  10. "Boil" it all together for 5 min.

  11. Add 15 g salt and 1 g pepper to optimise the taste.

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