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#3 | 20-Minute Full Body At-Home Workout | No Equipment, No Noise

Dan Rémi instructing the workout on a yoga mat.

No equipment and space required for this no-noise 20-minute full body home workout.

You can follow-along easily - do it anytime, any place 🤗


It can be recommended to warm up prior to our workouts, to reduce the risk of injuries & to better your results.

Warm-up follow-along video:

The workout

4 rounds. 1 round consists of:

1. 45 sec Bird Dog (15 s rest)

2. 45 sec Silent Burpee (15 s rest)

3. 45 sec Crab Toe Touch (15 s rest)

4. 45 sec Side Duck Walk Punches (15 s rest)

5. 45 sec Side Jumps (15 s rest)

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