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002. Overcoming Mental Challenges When Losing Weight With Pernille Rasmussen


This is our first ever interview!

Pernille K. Rasmussen, a past client, shares how she overcame mental challenges that are often prevalent when on a weightloss journey.

We are taking the time machine and discovering how she went FROM being overweight, intimidated by the gym and scared of gaining weight overnight TO having a more relaxed relationship with food, the gym being her sanctuary, and competing in CrossFit.

Change Your Mindset - Change Your Life


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002_Overcoming Mental Challenges when Losing Weight with Pernille Rasmussen
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Today's guest - Pernille Krabbe Rasmussen

Past client having undergone the following transformation in a year:

Client body transformation from overweight to fit

From an all-or-nothing approach to a practice of moderation, she is no longer intimidated by the gym, enjoys occasional "cheat" meals and competes in CrossFit competitions.

Client lifting barbell overhead

She works as project leader for governmental purchases in Denmark and has recently become a certified personal trainer and nutritionist herself. After the time we worked together, she has gone plant-based. She loves peanut butter so much that she has a training shirt saying: "Peanut Butter is the glue that holds this body together".

You will learn


Intro to Pernille Rasmussen


Situation before weight loss journey


Concerns with hiring help


Mental challenges on the journey


Struggling relationship with food


Attacking fear of gaining weight overnight


Flexible approach is more sustainable


The power of sharing your journey with loved ones


Gym went from being intimidating to a sanctuary


Finding the balance between meal prepping and letting go nutritionally


Pernille going plant-based


Pernille´s 1 piece of advice to herself before starting the weightloss journey


Pernille´s CrossFit life today

Links & resources

Pernille´s Instagram:

Free “How to go vegan” e-book:

Thanks for listening! What's coming next?

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