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Chocolate Oats Breakfast

Servings: 1 Calories & Macros: 527 kcal, Protein 16 g (11 %), Carbs 84 g (58%), Fats 20 g (31%)

Prep Time: 5 min

Chocolate Oats Breakfast on a plate, surrounded by a banana, oats, almonds, and soy yogurt.


1. 50 g Oats

2. 10 g Cacao Powder

3. 80 g Natural Soy Yogurt

4. 120 g Oat Milk

5. 100 g Ripe Bananas

6. 20 g Almonds


1. Cut almonds in small pieces

2. Roast almonds at medium to high heat.

3. Cut banana in small pieces.

4. Mix Everything together.


Important tip:

Make sure that in every mouthful, you include a piece of banana to optimise the taste.

You now have tasty breakfast to start your day off right.

Cut & roasted almonds on a pan.

Cut & roasted almonds

Sliced banana.

Sliced banana

Thanks to youtuber Barbarellaslife for the recipe. Her channel:

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